New Construction

Our new Design-Build construction experience ranges from simple to complex and innovative buildings. One of these projects was to design and build new Innovation Center and Design Studio for the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Command to display new technology and innovation in military ground war, and to foster and collaborate on new ideas. The other such project was to design and build Prototype Integration Facility for the Army’s Active Protection Program.

Full Scale and Partial Renovation

Whether project requires interior full-scale renovation to transform it into a different form, or modification of existing spaces, or Hangar renovations, or Data Center renovations, or mechanical, electrical, plumbing upgrades or replacing roofs on a two-story 100,000 SF bldg. or replacing roof on 60’ tall 300,000 SF rocket module production, we have done them all. And done them successfully.

Renewables and Energy Upgrades

Our renewable and energy upgrades portfolio includes installation solar system to replacing boilers to high-efficiency system, upgrading complex steam system in Marine Corps’ production facilities to achieve energy efficiency. Several other energy upgrades also included lights and mechanical systems upgrades to achieve specific energy savings goals. We provide following services –

  • Design & Install Solar Plant
  • Design & Install Geo-thermal systems
  • Design & Build energy upgrades including steam, lighting, batter back-ups, and dynamometer installation

Spillways, Dams and Infrastructure Restoration

Our specialty group is hands-on in providing restoration services to our Nation’s degrading infrastructure including spillways, dams and utilities. We specialize in restoring elements of these infrastructure including trunnion girder anchorages, spillway bridge bearing seats, HMWM sealants, machinery platforms rework, hydraulic structures, SSPC abatement and painting, gate restoration including roller covers, chains, sheaves, rivet replacements. Two of recent projects included Fish Trap Spillway and Dam in Kentucky and Paint Creek Dam in Ohio.

Levees and Flood Protection

We are perhaps one of the largest SBEs in the Midwest performing some serious flood protection work. This includes relief wells, soil stabilized levee restoration, gravity drain, cofferdam, trenchless lining, pumps. Our recent work included 77,814 CY of Lime-Treated Slide Repairs, 67,913 CY of Semi-Compacted Impervious Embankment, 79,399 CY of Pervious Embankment, 183,437 CY of Impervious Embankment, 28,589 Tons of Crushed Stone Surfacing, 23,589 SY of Geotextile, and over 400 acres of restoration. Our recent work has installation of three (3) pumps, 1,200 HP each, to discharge flood water. We have performed over 1,000 relief wells work including drilling, installation, abandonment, and testing. Our work spans along Mississippi River from Illinois to Arkansas.

Fire Alarms, Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems and Upgrades

Whether there is a need to upgrade fire alarm systems for the astronaut quarters for NASA or replace fire protection systems for various hangars for Air National Guard or upgrade Life Health and Safety Systems for Army’s Ground Vehicles Systems Command, we have successfully tackled varieties projects.

Environmental Projects

Our environmental offering includes the following –

  • Gun-Range Clean-up including 50 mm ranges
  • Complete Wet Wiping of Cadmium/Chromium and other heavy metals using extensive scaffold system
  • Application of Fiberlock 5801 encapsulation on varieties of surfaces including roof deck, trusses, beams, walls and all open surfaces
  • Full body PPEs work
  • Disinfecting
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Lead Encapsulation and Abatement

Taxiway, Roadways and Paving

We have successfully completed numerous projects involving taxiways, paving and roadways. Some of the prime examples include Fuel Tanker Paving for Westover Air Reserve Base in Massachusetts to super tight deadline design-build project for the Caven Point Army Reserve Center in New Jersey.

Industrial and Specialty Projects

Our Specialty Group can tackle real complex and high-profile projects. Take a look at these. Installing new over $1.5m test equipment called ED Shaker to test prototype Army tanks requires precision in every aspects. Installing Foot Impactor to test the impacts on the new fire power of our military requires deep and complex web of rebar foundations with precision. Replacing exciters for the power plant requires another set of skills. Installing Paint Booths have a different set of concerns to resolve for its successful installations. Our team successfully handles varieties of projects.

ICD 705 Projects

We are well versed in the security environment of secured projects. ICD 705 compliant projects require whole another level of trust, skills and management that our team handles successfully. We are not at a liberty to disclose much of the details, some of these projects have been at Selfridge ANGB, Detroit Arsenal and Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

Logistics Support Services

Whether our military needs temporary lodging facilities while on special mission training, or needs rigging services to move heavy equipments, or needs transportation services to move soldiers, we provide those services as did for many of our customers including U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Army and other DoD agencies.